Recent Winners:
Valeri Anthony M. from London, UK
Carl B. from Blackburn, UK
Carmelita . from Wakefield, UK
Robert R. from Cwmbran, UK
Sue D. from Nottingham, UK
Rosegil F. from Doncaster , UK
Luke B. from Shrewsbury, UK
Stephen W. from Abertawe, UK
Andrew C. from Malta
Roderick Gilbert A. from Dingli, Malta
Bärbel G. from Aruküla, Estonia
Emma H. from Swindon, UK
Christine C. from York, UK
Remi C. from London, UK
Ian C. from Chesterfield, UK
Carly B. from Wigan, UK
Alan K. from Prescot, UK
Sebastiao L. from Swindon, UK
leo m. from Corby, UK
Elaine P. from London, UK

Choose Your Health Millions Numbers

Choose your Health Millions numbers for the chance to win a jackpot worth at least £5 million. Health Millions takes place every Monday and Thursday at 9.00pm and you can bet online right here. Select six numbers from 1 to 50, plus a Health Ball from 1 to 5, to complete one line. You can choose your own numbers or select a Quick Pick if you would prefer a random set.

Select 'Choose These Numbers' when you are ready to submit your entry. Once you have paid for your bet, check the results shortly after 9.00pm on Monday or Thursday to see if you have won a prize.

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Tonight's Jackpot
£5 Million
Time left to participate:

Sorry, Health Millions is not available to play from your country.

Choose six numbers (1-50) and one Health Ball (1-5)


Sorry, Health Millions is not available to play from your country.

Why Choose Your Numbers Online?

Health Millions is only available online. There are several benefits to taking part in online jackpot games, including the convenience of being able to do so from home and the extra security. Here are some of the main advantages:


A digital record of your entry means it can never get stolen or lost like a paper ticket.


There is no chance of missing out on a prize as you will be emailed automatically if you win.


Prizes are paid straight into your online account, or you will be told how to proceed if you win the jackpot.


You can take part without having to leave home. You just need a phone, tablet or computer.