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The Health Lottery

The Health Lottery is an independent lottery that is not part of the UK National Lottery. It consists of various society lotteries which represent local authority areas across Great Britain and each one is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

Health Millions is associated with The Health Lottery but is played differently and has different prizes. Go to the About Us page to learn more about Health Millions, or find out more about The Health Lottery below.

What is The Health Lottery?

The Health Lottery is made up of 12 regional society lotteries. These are Community Interest Companies (CICs), which represent the following areas - East, East Midlands, London East, London West, North East & Cumbria, North West, Scotland, South East, South West, Wales, West Midlands, and Yorkshire & Humber.

It costs £1 per entry to take part, and more than 25 percent of the revenue raised from ticket sales goes towards a different area each month. This is rotated so that each region receives all of the proceeds from draws for a full month, then it is the turn of the next area the following month, and so on.

All 12 regional lotteries are run for one common purpose, with funds going towards health-related good causes. Thousands of people are supported each week through various community projects which are not already covered by the NHS.

Tackling health inequalities is The Health Lottery's mission and so far it has raised more than £100 million, supporting local grassroots projects and charities. It is estimated that more than 550,000 people are leading healthier lives as a result of this funding, combating problems such as Alzheimer's, loneliness, dementia, learning disabilities and mental health issues.

The Health Lottery had previously managed 51 society lotteries, rotating them on a weekly basis. These regions were merged in August 2018 to become 12.

Go to the Health Lottery website to find out more information about the organisation.

Comparison between The Health Lottery and Health Millions

Health Millions is a separate game operated in partnership with The Health Lottery. If you’re not sure about the differences between the two, compare them in the table below:

Health Lottery vs Health Millions
Health Lottery vs Health Millions
5 from 50 Game Format 6 from 50 and 1 from 5
£25,000 Minimum Jackpot £5 million
1 in 9.7 Overall Odds of Winning a Prize 1 in 3
1 in 2,118,760 Odds of Winning the Jackpot 1 in 79,453,500
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8.00pm Takes Place Monday and Thursday at 9.00pm
£1 Cost Per Entry £1
£100,000 draws every Wednesday and Saturday Increased Jackpots Regular Super Jackpots with a boosted value

How to Play The Health Lottery

To play The Health Lottery, pick five numbers from 1 to 50. It costs £1 per entry to take part, and you can buy tickets online or from retailers across the UK. Draws take place on five consecutive nights – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The cut-off time for sales is 7.45pm on the night of the draw.

When the draw takes place, five winning numbers are selected at random, followed by a Bonus Ball from the remaining 45 balls. The jackpot is worth a minimum of £25,000, or 10 percent of total ticket sales (whichever is greater). There are a range of other fixed prizes up for grabs in each draw, so you will even win for matching just one main number plus the Bonus Ball.